What we Know - Diablo 4 Classes

What we Know: Diablo 4 Classes Overview

In this article, I will go over what we know so far about the classes available in Diablo 4. In the Demo Version, which was playable at Blizzcon 2019, there were three classes: Barbarian, Sorceress and Druid. While Blizzard did confirm 2 more classes at the launch of the game, we don’t know for certain which these are. So, here’s an overview of what we know about the classes of Diablo 4!

The Barbarian – class overview

Diablo 4 Barbarian Class
Diablo 4 Class – Barbarian

The Barbarian is a classic class for the Diablo series and of course, will be in Diablo 4 as well. The Barbarian can rapidly switch between four different weapons by assigning them to individual abilities. This makes the Barbarian and his arsenal perfect for players who like melee combat with a multitude of play style options.

One of the unique gameplay mechanics of the Barbarian are his shouts. With these, he can buff himself and allies with resistance to crowd control effects, damage and life boosts, and more.

The talent tree of this Diablo 4 class is divided into 2 specializations: Warlord (red) and Berserker (orange). The Warlord talent are focused on defenses, party bonuses, tactical damage, opportunity strikes and Bleeding. The Berserker specialization of the talent tree is more about self-buffs, reckless offense, maximizing damage output, and speed.

The Sorceress – Diablo 4 class

Diablo 4 Sorceress Class
Diablo 4 Class – Sorceress

Sorceress can shape the elements of Sanctuary and bend them to their will. They can chill and freeze enemies until they shatter, electrocute them and call pure fire from the heavens. Of course, this comes with its cost: The Sorceress is most likely not very hard to kill. In turn, they are also better at burst damage.

Enchantment allows the Sorceress to place their abilities in three additional ability slots, which are not available to the other classes. Abilities that are placed into these slots grant an additional passive bonus or alter another ability.

The talents of the Sorceress are focused on the three elements she can control, much like her skills: Fire (orange), Frost (light blue), Lightning (dark blue). These talents alter and improve her existing skills.

Druid – The Shape shifter of Diablo 4

Diablo 4 Druid Class
Diablo 4 Class – Druid

Just like the Barbarian, the Druid class of Diablo 4 offers lots of play style choices. He is a shape-shifter and can fluidly transform between his forms: Human, Werebear and Werewolf. The shifting between these forms happens automatically when using an ability that requires a specific form, without an extra action. Each of these forms has unique aspects and mechanics, making the druid one of the most versatile classes in Diablo 4.

Vulnerability is a debuff which is applied and used by many Druid skills. It increases the damage the affected enemy takes, until a certain threshold of damage is reached.

In addition to this, any Earth skills have a chance to inflict a crushing blow. This causes the enemy to lose a flat percentage of their maximum life. The effect is reduced for bosses and other players, of course

The talent tree of the druid is divided into two sections. Magic (blue) is one of them and focuses on spells and magic skills. The other specialization is Shape shifting (orange), which focuses on improving and augmenting the different forms of the Druid.

The missing Diablo 4 classes

While it has been confirmed that there will be 5 playable classes at the release of Diablo 4, it is not yet known which ones. It is most likely that Blizzard will use the most liked classes from the previous games of the Diablo series. Though, it is not impossible that they create a completely new class for the next generation of the Diablo series of games.

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